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Well it looks like we have made it through another winter season. It sure was not much of a winter. With spring upon us, thoughts of vacations and weekend trips are popping up in our heads. But then you start thinking about gas prices that are over $4.00 per gallon now. What will they be when it is vacation time $5.00 per gallon?
There are several simple things you can do or have done to help your fuel economy

Keep your tires properly inflated, under inflated tires can reduce fuel economy by as much as 10%
Change your engines air filter, dirty or clogged filter causes engine wear & as much as 20% decreased fuel economy.
Restricted or dirty fuel filter decreases engine performance and can damage the fuel pump.
Worn or fouled spark plugs can cause as much as a 12% decrease in your fuel economy.
What about that extra weight in the trunk, every 100 pounds equals 1-2% less fuel economy.
Getting your fuel cap checked for leakage, leaking or improperly seated fuel caps are responsible for an estimated
147 million gallons of fuel evaporating every year.
Having your brakes checked for proper operation, sticking or binding brake shoes or pads will greatly decrease your fuel economy.